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Human Capital Management in the Cloud


Chachapoya Consulting focuses on delivering strategic guidance to organizations seeking to embark on the journey from a traditional on-premise Human Capital Management platform to the cloud.


Cloud computing is real and it is working hard today for all enterprises and all types. The cloud works for anything from a few hundred employees to the Fortune 50 organizations.


Where are you located in your proposed or actual migration to the cloud? Do you know what it has to offer to you and are you aware of the security issues and the drawbacks that exist in the cloud? How do you mitigate problems in the migration and ensure security?



Established broad network to help effectively build organizational partnerships and networks & relationships with other architects and project stakeholders



Ability to quickly assimilate, finding potential business improvement & growth opportunities & to understand the implications for the customer



Proven ability to understand organizational structures, relationships, and influencers & adeptly maneuver through politically-charged organizational situations



Provide strategic perspective and make SAP strategies tangible across all functions and technologies Demonstrate an understanding of future trends in industry & technology



Effective listener and astute observer with the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively to different audiences



Proven large scale implementation experience. Worked with SAP and other SI's on Cloud Implementation Approaches and Methodology to provide predictability to IT and the Business; and to ensure repeatable customer success



Architect a solution that meets requirements and is implementable, sustainable and scalable across potentially complex heterogeneous technology landscape

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Strategic Planning


Are you an SAP On-Premise Human Capital Management(HCM) customer? Are you considering the move to the cloud? How far have you come in your cloud strategy and planning? Do you have a reasonable plan of attack for moving your operations to the cloud and reaping all of the benefits that exist?


Do you have huge investments in your legacy platform?


Do you have multiple, disparate HCM systems due to regional requirements or based on acquisition activity?


Chachapoya Consulting has significant global experience laying out the foundations for the migration to the cloud.


Let us help you understand the business drivers and the benefits as well as the concerns for your organization.



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What's In the Cloud for Your Business? ::

Cloud computing with apps conceptCloud HCM is no longer a trend, it is reality. What's more, cloud computing is not just for small and medium businesses. Globally integrated businesses are making the transition from the traditional on-premise solutions to cloud offerings.


That step, despite all of our wishful thinking can be difficult.


At the very best, is not a point and click.


Businesses today may have 20 years invested in custom code addressing those older supposed must-have business practices. They may have multiple systems covering different acquisitions and geographies.


How do you leverage that infrastructure? How do you tackle the business issues with the greatest return on investment? How do you address the Social Partner needs in Europe?


Let Chachapoya Consulting help you with your cloud HCM initiatives. You can leverage our global experience in cloud computing and cloud system to make your migration easier and more readily accomplished.

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